Urban Rifle Association Activities


The URA are advocates of fostering and developing activities vital to the independence and sustainment of the Urban American community.  Understanding the relationship between the 2nd amendment and agricultural skills is vital to providing and sustaining a healthy economy within "our" communities.  It's important that Urban American communities nationwide are able to provide for themselves.  Being able to defend, feed, and shelter one's community is key to being independent.  When we are strong we contribute to the strength of the entire nation.



Our members participate in hunting activities.  One of our goals is to establish a yearly hunting party that finishes with a bonfire and food festival supplied by our skill and efforts.  If you are interested in hunting, or learning to hunt various game, we will support your efforts.


We support fishing and learning to fish, which is supplementle, if not a primary means to put food on one's table and as another way to be close with nature.
Combining fishing and camping can be a great time for all.


Farming and gardening feeds people and can be a source of income.  Everything we need comes from the earth.  We advocate getting "back to the basics" to fulfill our needs and understanding agriculture is a key part of taking care of ourselves and our community.




Learning, teaching, practicing shooting skills is what we are fundamentally about.  Our members will have access to learning the fundamentals of shooting and firearms.  Our members will learn to run firing ranges, practice self defense, and understand laws and regulations concerning firearms.  Our members will understand and practice firearms safety at all times.  The URA also advocates networking nationally and internationally.

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