How to become a URA Member

The URA has three types of members:

  1. URA Staff Membership: $35 per year and a free corporate membership (available to members with recognized instructor credentials)

  2. Corporate Member: $35 URA fee + $120 per year

  3. General Membership: $35 per year.  

1.  Download a membership application.

2.  Return it (via email, post office, text message, etc) with membership fee (cash, paypal, credit card, etc)

3.  We'll send you an email with the downloads or a link to download your "membership orientation" communique and your membership card.  We'll connect you to our website and facebook page so that you can network and communicate with other members and keep up with our current activities.

  • We are not a militia

  • We are not a social organization, but our members can socialize and network as they see fit and we encourage such activities

  • We are in the business of training, providing a service, and networking



Interested in starting a Chapter in your area?  Let us know.

What to Expect from the URA:

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