Omaha Area Gun Ranges

We want to encourage, both our members, and the general public, to submit a review of the local area gun ranges as a service to constituents.  Some areas of interest are cleanliness, service, amenities, and any other items that should be mentioned.  We ask that reviews be honest, fair, and objective as possible.  Disclaimer:  we reserve the right to reject or edit submissions

How This Works:
  1. Ranked in order from best to worst or not yet ranked
  2. Select a range and submit a review in Google Maps
  3. Using our form below, submit a review to be posted under the appropriate range.
  4. Do both, submit a review under Google Maps and to be posted here using our form.

1.  Omaha Gun Club

(Best facility, gun store and accessories, food court, great staff, in center of Omaha)

2.  Harry A. Koch Trap & Skeet Range

(outdoor shotgun range only, nice staff, bar and small restaurant)

3.  Tactical 88

(great facility, gun store and accessories, helpful staff, restaurant, is "88" a nazi symbol?)

4.  Take Aim

Great staff, owner is a veteran, nice, small facility, manual range

5.  BigShots Indoor Range & Gun Store

Great facility, large inventory of guns, located in Lincoln, don't know much about staff

6.  Inner 10 Weapons & Training

(New facility, modern range, staff seemed to not take URA members seriously, great location, they sell accessories)

7.  The Bullet Hole

(oldest facility in Omaha, ventilation seems suspect, store could be better, no food/restaurant)

The Marksman Indoor Range

(we haven't been there yet)

Thunder Alley Indoor Shooting Range LLC

(we haven't been there yet)

Valley Trap Range

(we haven't been there yet)

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